The time is right to bridge the policy divide between telecom and tech

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SCOTUS Has a Chance to Clarify Section 230’s Meaning
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Ensuring Accurate Broadband Maps: Time to Get All Hands on Deck
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The Race to 5G is a Digital Arms Race
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Without Smarter Policy, It’ll Be a Lot Longer Before Mobile Gaming Takes Off
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Big Tech Antitrust Reform is a Game of Inches
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OAMA and App Store Security: What’s the Rub?
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Full Stack Framework
We support a holistic approach to protect all consumers and entrepreneurs in the Internet ecosystem.
Target economic barriers to opportunity created by those with market power so that others who are struggling with unfair practices can freely compete and grow.
Robust Competition
Privacy for Every Consumer
Establish universal privacy rules that protect consumer data across the Internet—and ensure those decisions are in the hands of consumers, not competitors.
Produce thoughtful policies so federal and state efforts to close the digital divide proceed as swiftly and efficiently as possible.
Ubiquitous Broadband
5G & Beyond
Advocate for policies that increase the commercialization of underused spectrum for licensed and unlicensed use, keep America’s lead in the race to 5G, and position American industry and entrepreneurs to lead in the next generations of wireless technology.

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